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SITSecure – Simplifying IT security

SITSecure is your IT Infrastructure Sentinel. SITSecure ensures that all your information assets are ‘continually’ secure, by deploying Super Security Audits.

The Super Security Audit process was designed and developed at IIT Bombay, as a means to defend, protect, and continually ensure the safety of critical IT assets.

Our cutting edge innovative audits outperform those of most security organizations across the globe.

With Super Security Audits, our team of trained and certified security professionals have achieved impressive results in the areas of workflow management, team management and budget management.

No audit company in the world is capable of delivering all of this to you.

SITSecure – The Simplifiers

Purushartha Saini

Purushartha Saini

Founder and CEO, SITSecure
Graduate, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai

As a BTech., student at IIT Mumbai, Purushartha Saini’s entrepreneurial sights were firmly fixed on co-creating the future of Information Technology.

Way before completing his graduation, Purushartha was offered important research posts by institutions in different countries, including one by the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany. He also received lucrative job offers in companies like Intel and NVIdia, as well as other international corporations. He declined these offers and instead went ahead with pursuing his entrepreneurial vision.

He founded Aristos Labs, a future thinking Business Accelerator that concentrates on co-creating innovative ideas, researching their viability and developing them into market ready products and services. He is co-founder of the Swiss company Pracman AG, a start-up in the health vertical.

He is the Founder Trustee of the PRESENCE Foundation – an Indian public service, charitable trust – which, in line with the inspirations of his spiritual mentor Maharishikaa Preeti, has been created to enable the fundamental transformation of the individual and thus of society.

Ramesh Iyer

Ramesh Iyer

Co-founder and CMO, SITSecure
Serial Entrepreneur, Mumbai

A self-made, seasoned entrepreneur, Ramesh Iyer has perfected the innovation development life cycle.

With his two decades of running successful businesses across verticals, both in entertainment and media, Ramesh now heads marketing, and is responsible for marketing and branding Super Security Audits by defining and demonstrating the value of ‘continually’ secure information assets, to the IT and ITES communities.

Ramesh brings the perfect blend of passion and perception necessary to bring about a conversion of current information systems into sentient entities.

Dnyaneshwar Nartawadekar

Dnyaneshwar Nartawadekar

Co-founder and CISO, SITSecure
Graduate, M.V. Jayraman College of Engineering, Bangalore

Dnyaneshwar Nartawadekar was born in a tiny village in the interiors of Maharashtra. He attended the local village school, where it soon became evident to his teachers that the boy was exceptionally talented.  All efforts were undertaken by his parents and teachers to make it possible for this gifted child to attend university. He was sent to engineering college in Bangalore. During his years of study he became a passionate programmer.

After graduating he moved to Mumbai where he joined Aristos Labs as a system administrator in 2008. A natural at IT security, EC council certified Dnyaneshwar made the step to entrepreneurship, when he was invited by Purushartha and Ramesh to co-found SITSecure as CISO.

SITSecured – Reassured!

Second Opinion is that critical missing element in the world of IT security management.

Your business manages critical sensitive information. Yet, in spite of your having taken all the necessary measures and precautions, your systems are vulnerable and can be compromised any moment.

Why is this so? We can tell you.

Give us a call and we will give you a no strings attached, honest appraisal of the security status of your organisation.

We’ll show you how to secure your systems – as a free introduction to the new world of Super Security, from SITSecure.

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