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A Super Security Audit ensures least resistance and delivers maximal security, to the scope it covers.

We at SITSecure coined the term Super Security to define a state of the art security posture, and launched its first service, Super Security Audits.

Super Security Audits give you, our client, the singular opportunity of using security, not only as a means of gaining competitive advantage, but also as a Benchmarking Tool for all your business activities.

Organizations the world over now face a rapidly evolving set of security threats. These include IT outsourcing, cybercrime, workforce mobility, Web 2.0, cloud migration and data breaches.

SITSecure brings unique and innovative operational endpoint & flow security products and services that defend and protect your vital information, and manage your critical risk across network and endpoint assets.

SITSecure‘s consultants are the first in the world to have implemented Audit reports to benchmark activities of IT departments in various organizations.

Super Security Audits ensure:

  • that you understand what the audit report says, what the report findings mean to your business, and what you can do to keep your organization super secure.
  • that nobody attacks what is most important to you.
  • that your assets are kept super secure, continually.

For our budget conscious customer

In addition to our star offering, Super Security Audits, SITSecure offers the following kinds of Audits:

Threat Risk Assesment to know the security status of your organization.

Network policy and procedure review to ensure that proper protocols are in place.

Hardware and Software Audit to ensure that both hardware and software keep your data secure.

Access control devices Audit to ensure that correct & encrypted authentications are taking place.

Firewall Audits to ensure that a firewall is enforcing control policies between networks.

Server Audits to ensure that critical services do not have to suffer downtime.

Black Box Audit to asses the risk of exposure of your organization’s data to an outsider.

White Box Audit to assess the risk posed by a disgruntled employee.

Source Code Audits to assess the flaws in design and implementation of custom software.

Stolen Equipment Audits to assess the level of protection of equipment like laptops, smart phones.

Cloud Audits to assess how secure you and your data is while it resides in the Cloud.

Vulnerability Assessment to assess the inherent vulnerability of out of the box solutions deployed in your network.

Penetration Testing to assess how far will, your current setup be able to keep away, hacking attempts from professional hackers (from outside) and disgruntled employees (from inside).

Anti-Phishing and Anti Malware to assess presence of tracking and identity theft related malware in the network.

Mobile Application Security Testing to assess the security of your information as available to your mobile workforce.